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About Shimley

Originally an art student at the Atlanta College of Art, Shimley Reynolds shifted her interests from graphic design to interior design. She spent six years at the prestigious Pineapple House Interior Design in Atlanta developing her craft. With plenty of practical application and experience with the discriminating tastes of Atlanta-area clients, she then moved into a lead interior design position at the distinguished Black Sheep Interiors. At Black Sheep, she perfected her skills and talent for eleven years. In 2015 she decided to venture out on her her own to create a space that would foster her own personal vision of a one on one design business. "I feel the experience a client has during the process should be as successful as the finished outcome. That is why I fashioned my own business to create an exclusive and personal designer/client relationship. We get to know each other." says Shimley

My Aspirations:

"I want to give you, as my client, a beautiful and comfortable home that works within your specified budget. Whether it be a new construction, renovation or a refresh to update your current style, I can accommodate you in creating the right look and feel."



My Approach: 

"Keep it simple. It comes down to making our relationship a positive and comfortable one. It is important to me that you enjoy the process as much as the outcome. I understand design decisions are important because your home is your sanctuary. From small projects that may entail a room by room approach to large projects appointing an entire home I'll work with you, architects, builders and anyone else involved. I want to help you achieve the beautiful and livable spaces you deserve."


Services offered include:


*Space Planning

* Hardscape Design Selection 

*Custom Furniture and Drapery for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

*Lighting Selection

*Transplanting (move management involving placement of new and current furniture 

  from old home to new home)

*Accessorizing for a Finished Look


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